Our Values

Our mission is to provide cost effective, innovative and high quality medical care to Australian communities, families and individuals with the added benefits of diagnostics, laboratory, dental and allied health services. In doing so we base our values on four key tenets:

Quality Care

We are committed to providing the highest standards of primary care in Australia and undertake to continuously upgrade and improve our service offering.

We forge strong partnerships with local practice founders and operators, and invest in facilities and equipment to ensure exceptional standards of clinical care are met.


Our quality management services are driven by our respect for the essential role that general practitioners play as patients’ primary point of contact.

We treat our GPs as partners, not employees. We value their clinical independence as well the relationships and networks that each of our doctors have built in their local community.


Our reputation rests on the satisfaction of every individual patient with their treatment and clinical care.

We are ethically and morally accountable for the care we provide, and adopt efficient and effective systems in order to meet all standards of clinical care and safety.

Patient Focused

Our decisions are focused on the patient’s best interest. Successful doctor-patient relationships are the cornerstone of our business model.

Our vast network of clinics is for the benefit of providing ease of accessibility to quality healthcare as well as a range of allied health services.