Mac Shehata


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Mac Shehata, B.App.Sc (Pod), is a distinguished senior podiatrist renowned for his dedication to aiding individuals in overcoming lower limb pain. Graduating with a podiatry degree from La Trobe University, Mac has honed a distinctive, comprehensive, and holistic approach to tackling various podiatry issues, including paediatrics, general podiatry, and sports and injury management.

Accredited by the Australian Podiatry Association, Mac integrates the latest evidence-based research into his practice to ensure optimal outcomes for his patients. With a wealth of experience gained from treating athletes at biomechanical podiatry clinics and collaborating with leading orthopaedic surgeons, Mac has refined his expertise in alternative treatment and evaluation protocols through continuous professional development.

Having personally endured chronic shin and heel pain during his football career, Mac empathises deeply with clients facing sports or activity-related injuries, fueling his passion for injury prevention and treatment in athletes. As a dedicated podiatrist, Mac provides ongoing care and maintenance for patients of all ages, including diabetics, intending to promote activity and overall well-being.