At Qualitas Health, we’re excited to share that we have provided close to 30,000 patients with vaccines against COVID-19 since March across our NSW, VIC, and QLD practices.

We have delivered the vaccine in line with the approach as determined by the Australian Government and are open to continuing the rollout as fast as available supply.

These numbers are testament to the outstanding performance of our teams, who have been working tirelessly to deliver the highest possible standard of healthcare in this pandemic. We want to thank every member of our Qualitas Health teams, from doctors, nurses, receptionists and practice managers, who have risen to the challenge, delivering incredible results to the community in a time of need. It’s truly an exciting time to be a part of an organisation strengthening community immunity.

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Qualitas Health/Synergy Radiology Support of Sur Sangam 2021

Qualitas Health and Synergy Radiology were proud to be platinum sponsors for the Sur Sangam 2021 event held last weekend.
The event was run to support AASHA Australia Foundation which aims to help seniors from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, particularly South Asian communities, achieve a greater quality of life through improved physical and mental health. Alongside us supporting the event was Multicultural NSW.

Pictured: Prash Menon, MD, Qualitas Healthcare Australia & Pradnya Dugal, Founding Partner & Radiologist, Synergy Radiology Pty Ltd

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The Federal Budget’s 2021-22 Health Spend

Qualitas Health welcomes the $1.8 billion support for primary healthcare announced in the Federal budget 2021-22 and believes it is an essential step toward strengthening the health of Australians. “The funding recognises the role GPs play on the front line of a number of critical areas, Aged Care, Mental Health, Women’s Health and Rural Health and continues the commitment to support GPs administering COVID-19 vaccinations,” said Prash Menon, Managing Director, Qualitas Health Australia.

“Qualitas Health practices share a passion for supporting the health of all Australians, with a significant number of those we provide care to in the Aged Care and Mental Health patient groups,” said Mr Menon. We feel the additional $68.1 million committed to double the GP Aged Care Access Incentive is a crucial step forward in providing much needed medical support of an ageing population.

We also welcome the $50.7 million boost into the platform for voluntary patient registration, myGP. The tech-solution aims to improve health outcomes and quality of service through greater flexibility in delivery and continuity of care.

We feel the budget will help bolster community access to our GP’s with the $204.6 million towards telehealth which will continue until at least 31 December 2021. Whilst changes to telehealth item numbers may come into effect from July 2021, the continued investment in telehealth is a valuable accompaniment to face-to-face care in the practice setting.

“In little more than a year, the industry has experienced historic reforms in how general practitioners operate. We believe the proposed federal funding will help maintain this momentum for the sector.” Said Mr Menon.

There is a cure for Hepatitis C

In 2018, over 130,000 people in Australia were living with chronic hepatitis C. Highly effective medicines are now available in Australia to cure hepatitis C, with treatment now more than 95% effective. Most people can get a prescription from their GP and treatment is low cost for people with a Medicare card. Visit us to talk more about treatment options. Find out more:

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Be Sun Smart!

Always remember to Slip, Slop, Slap!

It is recommended whenever UV levels reach 3 or higher that sun protection is to be used. Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, therefore it is important to remember:

  • Always wear a hat – ideally one that protects your face, head, neck, and ears
  • Wear sunglasses – ensuring they meet Australian standards
  • Seek shade where possible
  • Wear protective clothing that covers your skin as much as possible

For more information, please visit the Cancer Council Website:

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Let’s talk about your health for 2021!

You’ve made it through 2020 (phew) and if you feel arriving in 2021 has this euphoric sense of hope about it, you’d be right. Even if it takes a little Taylor Swift mojo to “shake it off” to the hangover 2020 left, it’s time to get your sense of excitement about the New Year and we suggest you get your groove on. Because today marks the beginning of 365 days of opportunities ahead, so, let’s talk a little about how you can get the most from them.

LOVE. Let those close to you know how much you value having them in your life. Whether to do this, you must visit, call, zoom or text your appreciation and love for them being in your life, the important thing here is that you tell them. Because if we learnt any lessons from 2020 it’s that being alone is hard and life is full of surprises.

LAUGH. Like really laugh! Belly laughs are thought to improve oxygen intake and stimulate the heart, lungs and muscles. And that’s not all; you also get a rush of endorphins that can help to stimulate circulation, ease pains and decrease the body’s response to stress.

THINK FULFILMENT.  A positive mindset not only helps people to lead more satisfying, fuller lives, it determines how satisfied you will be with your achievements. So, no matter how small the win, take a moment to celebrate it. Whether it’s making it to the gym a bit more each week, weeding the garden or finally getting your pantry organised – they are all little victories you should pat yourself on the back for. Good job, you!

FUEL YOUR HEALTH WITH FACTS. New Year’s resolutions are as set in the calendar as the celebrations for the earth’s lap around the sun, with companies globally cashing in on the hopes and desires of individuals to achieve a healthier, more active, financially free or successful life in the new year. But if you calm all the hype and close down your Instagram feed while you think, we’re sure you’ll agree that when it comes to your health, the first place you should start is with the facts. What is your blood pressure? Have you had your cholesterol checked? Have you had your skin assessed? When was your last mammogram, pap smear or Men’s Health check? Because knowledge is power, and unless you know for sure that what you’ve been doing has or hasn’t been working for you. You can’t very well determine the RIGHT way to move forward to achieve the healthiest you.

To get your facts and toolkit for 2021, make your first appointment this year with your GP!

Find your nearest Qualitas Health Practice.


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