Is ‘Baby Brain’ a real phenomenon and should I be worried?

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A highly publicised study at Deakin University has shown that women are experiencing ‘Cognitive Changes’ during pregnancy.  Symptoms are reported to be experienced by 4 out of 5 pregnant women and can include poor concentration and absent mindedness and memory problems. The study determined that women who were pregnant (especially in their third trimester) found tasks that require attention, decision making and planning, harder than women who were not pregnant.

What Causes ‘Baby Brain’?

At the moment there are no definitive answers however there are studies which claim the cognitive changes are to allow for brains to adapt to the role as a new mother. These changes are there to develop biological abilities such as understanding infant facial expressions and establishing a bond with a newborn baby.

Should I be concerned by this study?

Media outlets have been covering this story quite highly for the past few days and it is only natural to be concerned by all of the coverage however there is still a significant amount of research to be done.

The Medical Journal of Australia has stated that the lapses in cognitive function are minor rather than impaired performance at work, or an inability to navigate complex tasks. Pregnancy is an exciting time of massive physical and psychological change and it is understandable how sleep deprivation, stress and hormonal changes caused by pregnancy or being a new parent can be distracting.

However, if you are experiencing any symptoms which seem concerning, it is important to seek advice from your GP immediately to ensure that you and your baby are in the best of health.

Source-  ABC News