Charity Ride for education and medical aid for children in Tanzania

Gymea Medical Practice, Head Office

Last weekend, Doctor Colin Glendinning from our Gymea Medical Practice (GMP) rode 190km from Lithgow to Bathurst to raise much-needed funds for underprivileged children in Tanzania to access school education and medical aid.

Colin became familiar with the work of Katoke Trust through a patient who built a school in Tanzania’s region of Katoke. Tanzania is considered one of the poorest countries in the world.

A testament to Colin’s ability to connect with his patients and his innate sense of duty to better the lives of children and communities through healthcare, Colin proved he was willing to go to great lengths to help.

“I have visited the school in Tanzania on four occasions to mentor the school clinic nurses. My dentist and optometrist have also accompanied me.”

The charity aims to break the cycle in an impoverished part of Tanzania by sponsoring school students through secondary school and funding malaria and HIV programs. Their mission is to build healthier and better-educated communities in north-western Tanzania by equipping individuals caught in the poverty trap of subsistence living, to take charge of, and continue their development.

We are proud to have Colin’s passion within our network, who shares our goal to provide greater access to health care for all communities.

If this is a cause you would like to support, we encourage you to donate to Dr Colin Glendinning’s page at:


Read more on Katoke Trust: https://katoke.com.au/

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