Diabetes and COVID-19

All Practices

Managing patients with diabetes during a health crisis requires patience, understanding and quality information.

It’s strange times for all at the moment! And while it’s unclear if those living with diabetes have a greater chance of catching COVID-19, it is known that if they do contract the virus, they are at a heightened risk of having severe illness and needing hospital care.  reports that people with diabetes represent 7% of diagnosed cases of COVID, 17% of hospitalised cases, 24% of ICU stays, and 25% of deaths.

At Qualitas Health, we have been working with our patients to recommend pathways forward that consider their individual needs and concerns. We recommend patients remain vigilant at all times to protect themselves and others by maintaining good hygiene practices, socially distancing, avoiding others who are sick and large public gatherings. But we are also working tirelessly to emphasise the importance of continuing any care regime with their GP. It’s also about encouraging patients uptake services to allow them to continue their care, such as Telehealth consults for those who do not feel up to visiting their practice. Our aim is to ensure the physical and mental health of all our patients’ can benefit from the support available.

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