Dr Anita Elias


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Dr Anita Elias is a General Practitioner who has spent over 20 years working in Various Hospitals Systems including Monash Health and In the Intensive care of the Mercy Hospital as a Paediatric Registrar in 2004. She started originally in a missionary American Institute in India called Christian Medical College Vellore. She has been working at Modern Medical Dandenong for about 8 years now.  She is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

She has extensive clinical experience in various aspects of General Medicine, Women’s health and Paediatric Medicine.
She can perform procedures that include excision and suturing of skin lesions, Implanon insertion and removals.

She speaks English Hindi and Urdu fluently. She understands Telugu and Tamil. Because of the area in which she currently works, she has worked significantly with refugee and migrant health. She has a lot to do with women and children. Understanding the dynamics of culture in health care helps to treat women and children in a holistic environment. She has a lot of interest in treating children. Women’s health like Pap smear and breast care is part of the service provided.

Having a lot of life experiences makes it easier to integrate with the community and do service to the mentally needy at a Social level. She does a lot of counselling and mental health plans while supporting mental health.

She has a few existing clients who by virtue of factory work are under work cover and TAC.

She likes to keep up her knowledge and expertise by interacting with other Clinicians at Conferences and Seminars in her spare time. She is also a mother to grown children.

In general, she loves people and her job and life.