Dr Geoff Feben


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Dr Geoff Feben has decades of general practice experience. He enjoys the diversity of general practice and the challenge of keeping up with new developments in clinical practice. He has had 6 years experience in small rural townships. His particular interests include the following:

  • lifestyle counselling (dietary and weight management, exercise and fitness counselling)- Dr Geoff he likes to believe he practices what he preaches!
  • electrocardiography, spirometry, dermatoscopy, slit lamp examination and ocular tonometry, and screening audiometry
  • minor procedures (including minor surgery/excisions, selective soft tissue and joint injections and disposable rigid sigmoidoscopy)
  • psychological and motivation counselling (including drug, alcohol and smoking counselling) and mental health
  • employment and SCUBA medicals

His philosophy in general practice is preventive medicine at all costs thereby reducing more advanced problems requiring specialist attention, and ultimately aspiring for a longer, healthier existence on this planet!