Dr. Jonathan Upfal

Dr Jonathan Upfal

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Dr Jonathan Upfal graduated with honours from Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney in 1983.

He is the author of the “Australian Drug Guide”, a plain language multi-bestselling guide to prescription and over the counter drugs. The Eighth edition of the Australian Drug Guide will be released by Black Inc. in 2016 in print, and as a mobile application.

Dr Upfal is also principal author of “Your Medical Tests: What Do They Really Mean?”, published in 2001.

He has mainly worked in general practice and psychiatry. He has special interest and expertise in neurofeedback which is a brainwave-based biofeedback therapy for self-regulation e.g. for migraine, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, panic attacks, depression, sleep disorders, or fibromyalgia.

He is a highly trained practitioner of dry needling for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Dr Upfal also investigates and treats methylation and pyrrole disorders.

Dr Jonathan Upfal is available for consultations on Tuesdays at present.