Dr Ekaterina (Katya) Danko

MBBS, RACGP, Dip. Paediatrics (USYD)

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Dr Danko is a female GP with extensive experience who has looked after our patients for over ten years. Dr Danko graduated from the most prestigious medical university in Russia – The First Moscow State Medical University – and completed her studies with a specialisation in ophthalmology. Dr Danko has extensive experience from different hospitals in Sydney, including a 3-year tenure at the Prince of Wales Hospital. She also has experience working in rural medical practices and hospitals. Dr Danko has worked in many facets of medicine, with a key interest in women’s health and illnesses, mental health and paediatrics, amongst many others, and holding a Diploma in Children’s Health. Dr Danko has also completed courses in naturopathic medicine and invites her expertise in naturopathy into her day-to-day medical expertise.
Dr Danko speaks Russian and has a fundamental understanding of German.