Dr Christine Hand Retires, Ivanhoe Medical Clinic Ensures Ongoing Care for Patients

Ivanhoe Medical Clinic

In a bittersweet announcement, Ivanhoe Medical Clinic bids farewell to its beloved long-time practitioner, Dr Christine Hand, as she embarks on a well-deserved retirement. After dedicating decades of compassionate service to the community, Dr Hand has decided to step back from her active role in the medical field.

Patients, colleagues, and staff alike are expressing their gratitude and admiration for Dr Hand’s exceptional care, unwavering commitment, and tireless efforts in ensuring the health and well-being of countless individuals throughout the years.

Recognising the impact Dr Hand has had on her patients’ lives, Ivanhoe Medical Clinic remains devoted to continuing the high standard of healthcare she established. The clinic will continue to offer comprehensive care to all of her patients, ensuring a seamless transition to other experienced doctors at the practice. We want to assure all her patients that they will still receive the same exceptional care they have come to expect from our clinic.

To facilitate the transition, the clinic encourages patients to schedule appointments with the remaining doctors at the practice for their ongoing medical needs. The team of skilled physicians at Ivanhoe Medical Clinic is committed to maintaining the patient-centred approach Dr Hand championed throughout her career.

As the clinic moves forwards, they remain steadfast in its commitment to providing exceptional medical care to the community, ensuring that Dr Hand’s legacy of compassion and excellence endures for years to come.

For appointments and ongoing care, patients are encouraged to contact Ivanhoe Medical Clinic directly, where they will be welcomed with open arms by the compassionate team of physicians ready to continue Dr Hand’s legacy of exceptional healthcare. https://qualitashealth.com.au/our-practices/ivanhoe-medical-clinic/