Every jab is the result of outstanding teamwork

Cecil Hills Medical Centre, Head Office

Protecting the community’s health is the national focus. With lockdowns in place and the relentless call to arms, it has been challenging for businesses, individuals and general practitioners across the country.

At Qualitas Health, we are humbled by the efforts of our team at Cecil Hills Medical Centre (NSW) and their ability to respond to the many changing demands in general practice at this time. Further, to the selflessness of the doctors, nurses, practice manager and receptionists, as they continue to operate in a COVID hotspot area. Practice Manager, Sue, states “It has been very busy. However, we are proud and passionate to be a part of the vaccine rollout.”

From booking the appointment to administering the jab, every patient receiving a COVID-vaccination is the result of outstanding teamwork! The practice at Cecil Hills is averaging 60 jabs a day across Astra Zeneca and Pfizer. Sue, states “it is a team effort to vaccinate the community. Preventive health care is our priority, and we absolutely cannot wait for solidarity and normality.”

Sue said the practice could only stay open whilst individuals adhere to restriction guidelines. “I want to thank the community’s compliance and our patient’s patience during this time. Also, a special thanks to Head Office for their ongoing support and assistance,” said Sue.

Cecil Hills Medical Centre has delivered over 1,200 vaccinations in just a few months. Nationally, Qualitas Health practices have vaccinated close to 60,000 patients collectively.

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