Experience Exceptional Healthcare with Dr Reza Ajam at North West Medical Practice

North West Medical Practice

Experience Exceptional Healthcare with Dr Reza Ajam at North West Medical Practice, here to provide you with comprehensive healthcare services tailored to your needs. With a diverse background and a passion for general practice, Dr Ajam brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his patients.

Dr Ajam completed his medical degree (M.D.) at Bond University in 2018, solidifying his foundation in medicine. He then completed hospital residencies at Gold Coast University Hospital and Redland Hospital in Queensland, where he gained invaluable experience across various medical disciplines. His rotations in rural medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, general medicine, psychiatry, orthopaedic surgery, emergency medicine, paediatrics, and palliative care have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare.

With a special interest in all aspects of general practice, including children’s health, women’s health, and chronic disease management, Dr Ajam is committed to providing holistic care to patients of all ages. His compassionate approach and attention to detail ensure that you receive personalised and effective treatment plans tailored to your specific health needs.

Beyond his medical expertise, Dr Ajam enjoys playing soccer and indulging his passion for music as a DJ in his spare time. This well-rounded approach to life reflects his commitment to overall well-being and balance.

Don’t compromise on your health. Schedule an appointment with Dr Reza Ajam today and experience compassionate, comprehensive care from a trusted North West Medical Practice general practitioner. Take the first step towards a healthier and happier life! https://qualitashealth.com.au/doctors/dr-reza-ajam/