Flu Vaccinations

All Practices, Head Office

Don’t let the flu knock you down this winter.
Get your flu shot FREE into July!*

Unsure if the Flu Vaccination is for you? We have compiled some useful information to help you decide HERE.
The flu vaccine is available free for those over 65s, children under five, pregnant women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and those with certain medical conditions. For all other patients wanting the flu shot, it is free for the month of June, then the price may vary, and it’s best to check upon booking.
*Offer only available to patients with a valid Medicare Card.

FREE Flu shots extended until:

** 17 July 2022 (NSW, QLD)

** 10 July 2022 (VIC)

Book a flu shot at your nearest Qualitas Health practice HERE.
A person with flu symptoms