Our role as your GP is to ensure all components of your mental and physical health are working at their optimum level


It is a broad question that can be challenging to answer

Our wellbeing is determined by a culmination of any number of factors. Our physical and emotional state, financial security, and more recently, we have experienced the political and social impact of our environment on our general wellbeing. As our communities responded to the abrupt lockdowns, many patients put their general health to the bottom of the list.


There has been a considerable amount of media hype around mental health, but have you taken the time to reflect on YOUR mental wellbeing?

How are you really going? If the answer is not so great, then we would like to talk to you. Come in for a face-to-face or, if preferred, set up a telehealth appointment. Let’s work on a strategy together towards improving your mental health and wellbeing.


Managing a chronic health issue is not something you should do on your own

There are many chronic health conditions; diabetes, high blood pressure, heart / lung / liver / kidney disease are just a few examples. Working with your GP is the best way to ensure you catch any changes in your health. Prevent sudden deterioration that could have adverse effects on your ability to manage the disease long term or, worse, have fatal implications.

There is also a high number of people in the community walking around with undiagnosed chronic diseases. As GP’s, this is a significant area of concern. After all, we can only help you if you share any symptoms with us.


Any sudden changes to your health are alarming, and we urge you to call us right away if you experience any

Things that may seem harmless can be the sign of something much more sinister and should be investigated by your GP. Call us now if you have recently noticed:

  1. Unexplained weight loss
  2. New recurring pain
  3. Change in bowel habit
  4. Change in urine flow
  5. New developed lump
  6. Change in a mole

Please don’t delay speaking with your GP

Book an appointment at your nearest Qualitas Health practice today.