Notification of changes to Practice Fees

Modern Medical Caroline Springs

IMPORTANT UPDATE: From September 1, 2022, our Caroline Springs practice will introduce an updated private fee schedule.

Due to an increase in the operating costs of the Practice, which Medicare rebates no longer cover, we will be implementing some changes to our Practice Fee Policy. 

From Monday 1st September 2022, we will increase our standard consultation fee from $72 to $78.

We are also introducing a reduced fee of $60 standard consultation fee for Health Care Card Holders and children above 12yrs.

Aged Pension, Disability, DVA cardholders and children under 12yrs will continue to be BULK BILLED.

For some appointment types, you will be directed to enter a payment method when booking appointments to ease the payment process for you and the reception staff.

These changes will allow Modern Medical Caroline Springs to continue to provide you and your family with safe, high-quality healthcare.

Thank you

Please see the Fee schedule below:

Patients with No Pension or Health Care Cards

Patients with No Pension or Health Care Cards

Mon- Fri and Sat 9 am -1 pm

 FeeMedicare RebateGap
Standard consultation$78$39.75$38.25
Long consultation$126$76.95$49.05

Saturday after 1 pm, Sundays and Public Holidays

 FeeMedicare RebateGap
Standard consultation$92$51.80$40.20
Long consultation$142$88.80$53.20

Patients with Health Care Cards and children over 12yrs

Mon- Fri

 FeeMedicare RebateGap
Standard consultation$60$39.75$20.25
Long consultation$102$76.95$25.05


Please remember that reception staff do not determine billing, and all fees are at the discretion of the Consulting Doctor.