Prioritise Women’s Health, Visit a GP Regularly

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As women with busy lives and a growing list of responsibilities and commitments, it can be easy to overlook personal health needs. It’s important to remember that to look and feel well, a regular and ongoing relationship with a good GP is the best way to achieve optimal health.

Often, due to work and family responsibilities many women put the needs of others over their own, and delay health checks until circumstances change to allow focus on family planning, pregnancy or postpartum care. Additionally, a regular appointment with a trusted GP can improve chances of early detection and prevention of changes in health conditions before developing further.  A change in personal health care is also required as women mature and changes in health related to ageing start to occur. After all, a strong relationship with your GP will support your longevity and improved health overall.  

Alarmingly, statistics from the National Health Survey (ABS, 2022) show that 56% of Australian women aged 18+ have one or more chronic health conditions, which accounts for over half of the women who are the workers, mothers and carers in Australia. Consulting a GP regarding changes or concerns you may have about your overall health could save your life.

Expertise in Women’s Health

GPs have skills and training in health conditions specific to women, these include polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, menopause and more. As these issues can severely affect a woman’s day-to-day life, a GP can provide clinically appropriate solutions for hormonal imbalances that impact mood, energy and general wellbeing.

Early Detection and Prevention

Early detection regarding health changes can save your life, as signs or symptoms of certain conditions can be easily overlooked. A regular GP appointment will help to put preventative measures in place, this combined with correct screenings and treatment will result in better health outcomes.

Managing Medication

In cases where women experience a combination of chronic conditions, multiple medications may be prescribed. To ensure patient safety, medication management can be discussed with your GP.

Lifestyle and Behavioural Changes

When experiencing lifestyle changes, a GP can suggest modifications that will positively impact a woman’s health. Good advice on exercise, nutrition, stress management and positive behavioural changes can enhance general health and effectively manage chronic conditions.

Family Planning

GPs can provide you with a reliable contraception plan and should you decide to start a family, advice on fertility. With sensitive and tailored care, you can ensure that your reproductive health is comprehensively supported.

Continuity of Care

Consider developing a long-term relationship with your GP. Continuity fosters good communication and your GP will become an ally in health, not just in times of need.

Their knowledge of your health’s progression across life’s stages will better support chronic conditions over time, adjust treatment plans as needed and provide ongoing care.

Specialist Referrals

A consulting specialist is often required when a serious condition presents and a GP is able to provide the necessary referrals. By maintaining a sound record of your health background and history, a GP can ensure that a woman receives the appropriate care from a practitioner in a specialised field.

Emotional Support

Life events, changes in health and chronic healthcare issues that can make coping with life feel more challenging. An appointment with your GP is the first step in reaching a better emotional outcome. An empathetic GP can offer support and counselling that will help women deal with emotional setbacks, and if more help is needed, write a referral to the appropriate specialist. There is no need to go on unsupported.

Health Promotion and Education

All knowledge is good knowledge, and education about possible health conditions, treatment options, and self-care strategies empowers women. Making informed decisions about your body and your health with the guidance of a trusted GP is one of the best ways a woman can participate in managing her health.

Personalised Care Plans

It’s clear that each woman’s health is unique to the individual. An understanding GP can develop a suitable care plan that considers a patient’s specific physical and mental health needs, including chronic conditions, lifestyle, preferences and goals.

Australian women, take control of your well-being and address your health concerns TODAY with your GP! Your health journey deserves the guidance of a skilled GP who will customise solutions to your individual requirements.

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Your wellness is worth every step!

Download fact sheet: https://www.jeanhailes.org.au/resources/health-checks-for-women-poster

References: https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/health/health-conditions-and-risks/health-conditions-prevalence/2020-21#key-statistics