Red Nose Day

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It’s hard to imagine that 9 babies die suddenly and unexpectedly every day in Australia.

Annually, this equates to 3,000 families grieving over the loss of their baby. For the last 30 years, Red Nose Day has been the driving force behind awareness and generating much needed funds for research into why babies die suddenly in their sleep. Their efforts have resulted in an incredible 85% reduction in sudden infant deaths, which amounts to 10,857 babies saved.

None of this would have been possible without the incredible public support for Red Nose Day which is why this is another cause Qualitas Health sites feel passionate to support and raise awareness for. Every dollar raised directly funds 24/7 support services for grief-stricken families as well as education programs for new parents to help reduce the risk and keep their babies safe. Your donation also supports lifesaving research to further determine the causes of SIDS and stillbirth and help get that number from 3,000 little lives lost down to ZERO.

Red Nose Day 13 August

How to help

Get silly for a serious cause today

Upload pictures of your #digitalrednose on Friday 13 August. Or Donate to raise vital funds to support grieving families and save little lives: https://www.rednoseday.org.au/donate

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