Stop the Burn!

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As the weather heats up it is very tempting to kick back and enjoy the sun’s rays, maybe even work on getting a little tan. Unfortunately, as nice as this sounds, spending too long in the sun is detrimental.

Two out of three Australians will experience Skin Cancer at some stage in their lives and Sunburn causes 95% of melanomas –  the deadliest form of skin cancer.

To protect yourself against Skin Cancer it is important to ignore any myths surrounding sun protection and to know your skin to make sure any changes are checked regularly by your GP.

Myth – Sunscreen is all I need to protect me against Skin Cancer

Fact –

Sunscreen is a good defence against the sun’s harmful rays but it is not the only defence and should be used along with a protective routine. Make sure your sunscreen is 30+SPF Broad Spectrum and is reapplied every two hours.

Myth – I need lots of Sun to get Vitamin D

Fact –

Vitamin D is important for good health and the primary source is from the sun however to maintain Vitamin D levels, short bursts of time in the sun outside of peak UV times is ideal. If you do suspect that you are Vitamin D deficient, it is best to speak with your Doctor.

Myth –  If you don’t burn you won’t be at risk of Skin Cancer.

Fact –

Sunburn is a sign that there has been damage caused by the sun’s rays however even if you don’t notice a visible change or notice the sting of a burn, UV rays can still impact your skin and it is important to protect yourself.

If you are concerned about your risk of skin cancer or if you notice any changes to your skin, make an appointment with your GP to discuss.