Flu season is upon us, and it’s time to take action to protect yourself and your loved ones. With over 163,000 cases of flu detected in Australia each year between 2015 and 2020, it is easily understood that flu is highly contagious.

Everyone is at risk of catching the flu, but a vaccine can help strengthen your defences. Qualitas Health offers a range of flu vaccines designed to protect against the influenza virus, which constantly changes and has many different strains. We provide you with a choice of vaccines for your best flu protection.

Infection can occur when you breathe in droplets from the sneezes and coughs of an infected person or if you touch a contaminated surface and then touch your mouth, eyes, or nose.

People with flu can be infectious for over a week, and the virus can survive in the environment for up to 8 hours or more. Don’t take any chances – protect yourself and others by getting vaccinated today.

Annual flu vaccination is recommended for all six months and over, and some people may be eligible for flu vaccines funded under the National Immunisation Program.

Remember, it takes 2–3 weeks after vaccination to build immunity, so don’t wait until it’s too late. Talk to your GP about protecting yourself and which flu vaccine is right for you.

In these uncertain times, it can be complicated to distinguish between the symptoms of COVID-19, influenza, and a cold. If you have any infection or respiratory symptoms, self-isolate and follow your state or territory guidelines about COVID-19 testing. You can safely have flu and COVID-19 vaccinations on the same day.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu – book an appointment for a flu shot at our practice today.