The Federal Budget’s 2021-22 Health Spend

All Practices

Qualitas Health welcomes the $1.8 billion support for primary healthcare announced in the Federal budget 2021-22 and believes it is an essential step toward strengthening the health of Australians. “The funding recognises the role GPs play on the front line of a number of critical areas, Aged Care, Mental Health, Women’s Health and Rural Health and continues the commitment to support GPs administering COVID-19 vaccinations,” said Prash Menon, Managing Director, Qualitas Health Australia.

“Qualitas Health practices share a passion for supporting the health of all Australians, with a significant number of those we provide care to in the Aged Care and Mental Health patient groups,” said Mr Menon. We feel the additional $68.1 million committed to double the GP Aged Care Access Incentive is a crucial step forward in providing much needed medical support of an ageing population.

We also welcome the $50.7 million boost into the platform for voluntary patient registration, myGP. The tech-solution aims to improve health outcomes and quality of service through greater flexibility in delivery and continuity of care.

We feel the budget will help bolster community access to our GP’s with the $204.6 million towards telehealth which will continue until at least 31 December 2021. Whilst changes to telehealth item numbers may come into effect from July 2021, the continued investment in telehealth is a valuable accompaniment to face-to-face care in the practice setting.

“In little more than a year, the industry has experienced historic reforms in how general practitioners operate. We believe the proposed federal funding will help maintain this momentum for the sector.” Said Mr Menon.