We are OPEN until 8 pm on Monday – Thursday.

Modern Medical Dandenong

Focus on your health with more regular visits to a GP. We are OPEN until 8 pm on Monday – Thursday.

How are you feeling? Are you feeling tired more than usual? Do you know your numbers, such as your blood pressure and cholesterol? Speaking to your GP can provide the details needed to understand your picture of health where it currently sits, offers a path forward and helps you achieve a better quality of life.

Learn more about yourself by visiting Modern Medical Dandenong; we have a team of experienced GPs to support your health journey, and we are open late for your convenience.

Dr Liyana Arachchige, a female GP who completed her medical degree in Sri Lanka, has late evening appointments to support your health at a time that suits you. With over twelve years of experience working, she has experience in emergency medicine and general practice and special interests in paediatrics, women’s health and mental health.

So don’t put your health at the bottom of the list. Visiting Modern Medical Dandenong is just one step towards a healthier life. BOOK your appointment ONLINE TODAY!