We welcome Dr Premila Hewage!

Modern Medical Balwyn

Dr Premila Hewage rejoined Modern Medical Balwyn in February 2024, bringing her 17 years of experience in general practice and emergency medicine.

Specialising in general dermatology and skin cancer, Dr Hewage is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to her patients. Her proficiency in performing mole checks and minor skin surgeries, including cryotherapy, biopsy, and skin lesion excisions, ensures precise diagnosis and effective treatment. Holding an Advanced Diploma in Dermatology and Skin Cancer, Dr Hewage is recognised as an authority in her field, delivering the highest standard of care to each individual she serves.

In addition to her dermatological specialisation, Dr Hewage is deeply committed to women’s health. With a particular focus on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), contraceptives, Implanon insertion and removal, and Pap smear (Cervical Screening), she offers tailored care to meet the unique needs of her female patients. Dr Hewage’s expertise and compassion empower women to prioritise their health and well-being, fostering a trusting and supportive patient-provider relationship.

Dr Hewage’s areas of interest and specialisation extend beyond dermatology and women’s health to include the medical management of obesity. Her holistic approach to patient care encompasses a comprehensive understanding of diverse health concerns, ensuring a well-rounded and personalised treatment plan for each individual.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Dr Hewage is a devoted mother of four, balancing her career with her family life. She enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones and indulging in activities like cycling and sports with her children.

Fluent in both English and Sinhala, Dr Hewage ensures effective communication with patients from diverse backgrounds, fostering trust and understanding in every interaction.

We are honoured to welcome Dr Premila Hewage to Modern Medical Balwyn, where she will continue to provide exceptional care in dermatology, women’s health, and beyond. Schedule your appointment today and experience the difference of having Dr Hewage as your trusted partner in health and wellness.