Welcome Beenleigh Medical Centre

Beenleigh Medical Centre, Head Office

Out of the ashes came a story of determination, partnership and unwavering commitment to the community. We want to welcome Beenleigh Medical Centre (QLD) officially.

It’s not every day that we get word the unthinkable has happened; a FIRE had occurred in the complex where our Windaroo (QLD) practice was during the early hours of Saturday, 5 June 2021. “The practice was so badly damaged that we were prohibited from even entering there again,” said Practice Manager Cassie. While the team at Windaroo were relieved that no one was harmed, they were soon overcome with dismay when it became apparent they would not be opening doors on that site again.

Neighbouring Qualitas Health practice at Beenleigh became aware of the fire damage and invited the Windaroo team to continue operating from their location at Beenleigh. Cramped as it was, just two days after the fire, the doctors and staff made it work to continue providing care to the community. 

“The waiting room was packed to the rafters from open to close. But I was awed by the willingness of the team to get to know one another and work cohesively to continue delivering our care,” said Cassie.

Qualitas Health operations had found a new site and began renovations almost immediately, and by 22 July 2021, Beenleigh Medical Centre opened, and the practices at Windaroo and Beenleigh later merged.

“We had many hurdles to overcome. Not only were we rolling in two practices to a new location and catering to two largely diverse demographics. One of the largest challenges we overcame was successfully getting all necessary applications and new provider numbers in a matter of six weeks.” 

“I’ve been a Practice Manager at Qualitas Health for five years now, but through these months, I learnt a lot about myself professionally. I held it together when I lost my practice to fire and rolled up my sleeves when I had to start again.” 

“Now tasked with supporting eight instead of four doctors, I quickly learnt that to get results, I had to have good communication, follow through on promises and learn ways to get the most from each individual in the practice,” said Cassie.

“At Beenleigh Medical Centre, we all share a tenacity, and how we have come out the other side is a true testament to that and the strength of the Qualitas Health Group. We are growing a business with amazing people to grow something amazing. We embody that.” 

Cassie has been a proud member of the Qualitas Health team for five years and believes the culture has a lot to do with her enjoyment in the role. “We have this no drama, positive working environment at Beenleigh Medical Centre. It looks great. It’s a big space. It is always busy”, said Cassie.

Beenleigh Medical Centre has supported thousands of patients since opening its doors in July 2021. If you would like to learn more about Beenleigh Medical Centre visit https://qualitashealth.com.au/our-practices/beenleigh-medical-centre/