Dr Kevin Sandhu


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Dr Kevin Sandhu graduated from Auckland University in 2007. Early in his career as a surgical trainee, he was an Honorary Surgical Lecturer at both Auckland and Otago University. He is a tutor for Skin Cancer College Australasia and has extensive experience in providing surgical education and training to medical students and junior surgical trainees.

During his training, he also spent time in plastic surgery at Southern DHB where he became aware of the burden of skin cancer in Australasia, and the acute lack of primary prevention and access to care. Since 2014 he has been in primary care obtaining postgraduate qualifications in skin cancer medicine, and is now a qualified GP. He provides comprehensive dermoscopic skin cancer checks with both medical and surgical management options. Discover unparalleled medical care with Dr Kevin Sandhu, a distinguished physician in Melbourne known for his expertise in skin cancer management, advanced cosmetic procedures, and comprehensive general practice.

With years of dedicated practice, Dr Sandhu offers deep expertise in medicine, especially in skin cancer detection and treatment. His additional proficiency in cosmetic medicine ensures results that blend safety with aesthetics.

Dr Sandhu is renowned for his compassionate, patient-first approach. He takes the time to understand your individual health needs, ensuring personalised care and attention.