Telehealth to In-Person


There are many reasons to speak with your GP via a telehealth appointment

Telehealth appointments offer patients flexibility with their GP consultation that has not previously been possible. You can save time travelling to a practice and waiting in the reception area while still being compliant with any lockdown or isolation measures. Telehealth appointments are an excellent way to consult with your GP and arrange a pathology or specialist referral, prescription, medical certificate or a mental health check. Your GP may also decide in the telehealth consult, further testing is required and will ask you to make a follow-up appointment at the practice.


We want to see you!

Firstly, we want you to feel confident we take all necessary precautions to provide a COVID-safe environment and protect you and our team. You can read more about this on our COVID-19 Response page. When you are visiting our practice, we can discuss and check symptoms in various ways to investigate your health concern.

Please don’t delay speaking with your GP

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